Let me introduce myself
My name is James Wyatt Hancock, Jim to my friends. I celebrated my 80th birthday in January 2014. As a boy I enjoyed sailing on the Norfolk Broads in the school holidays with the Green Wyvern club. A sailing club started up by Masters from two Grammar schools in Leicester who hired boats during the school holidays for the schoolboys to crew. I enlisted in the Royal Navy straight from school at the age of sixteen, and subsequently trained as a photographer in the Fleet Air Arm. A couple of years after leaving the navy in1958 I joined the Civil Service as a photographer where I remained until I retired in 1994. During that time my responsibilities increased until I was a Chief Photographer in charge of a comprehensive photographic and video unit. That is my career in a nutshell.

I enjoy a variety of interests, such as reading; listening to and going to jazz concerts; computing and in particular retouching old photographs; researching my family history, and walking, though I do not do so much of the latter now that I am wearing out a little!

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Caribbean Holiday, Christmas 2005

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Sailing on the Norfolk Broads, 1955