James Hancock ( 1717 - 1779)

James was the second child of Robert and Katherine, baptised on 27th November at Deddington. He married Anne Holtham by special licence on 17th April 1741 at Marston St. Lawrence. Why they married there is a mystery as they were both residents of Chacombe. They had two children, Wyatt and John before Anne died in 1749. James remarried 9 years later to Huldah Williams on 15th June 1758. James had seven children with Huldah; James, Robert, Elizabeth, Richard, Hannah, Huldah, and Charles, before dying in 1779 being buried on the 9th November.
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During his life James was a Framework knitter and a member of the Guild. His younger brother Thomas was apprenticed to him. One can only surmise that he didn't follow his father into becoming an apothecary due to his father Robert dying in debt whilst James was only 19 and with his mother dying a year later and the property reverting back to the Wyatt estate there was nothing left and the family would have been destitute.