John Hancock (1769 - 1838)

John, the eldest son of Wyatt by his first wife Frances, was baptised on the 10th February 1769. He married Hannah Chesley at Chacombe by William Hughes on the 27th February 1795. Witnesses were Daniel Parish and William Sabin. They had six children; Frances, Wyatt, William, Mary, Anne and Hannah.
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It was John's half brother Thomas who fought in the Peninsular war and emigrated to Australia in 1832 at the age of 50. He wrote a letter to John after he had arrived and settled in employment. This letter travelled around the Chacombe area to all who knew of him and it was six months before John and his son Wyatt received it back so they could answer it. Thomas's letter to John doesn't exist as far as we know but John and Wyatt's reply does. A facsimile of it provides the cover of a document prepared by G L Parkinson BA to mark the 150th anniversary of Thomas and his family's arrival in Australia, of which I am fortunate enough to have a copy.