Wyatt Hancock (1797 - 1875)

Wyatt, baptised on the 21st May 1797, married Mary Pratt aged 23, the daughter of John and Sarah on 13th January 1823. Their son Charles was born two days later on the 15th and died the same day. They had a further ten children; Anne, Charles Wyatt, twins Sarah & Hannah who survived for only five weeks, Henry Wyatt, Elizabeth, Joseph Wyatt, Mary, William Wyatt and Hannah.
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In the part of the letter to Thomas in Australia that Wyatt contributed he mentions the terrible working conditions prevailing at the time that prompted Thomas to seek his fortune in Australia. The quotation is as it was written, with punctuation and spelling errors.

I have not much to say as my Father as told you most of ye news but it gives me great plesure that after all your trials & hardships that I can write an answer to such a gratifying Letter as yours I hav had many trials since you left myself it is 2 years last witsentide since I had any regular work I have got(now) 5 children and ye Raskley parish would not alow me more then 8s per week for my work therefore you will easely know my situation I have told them at Chalcomb many times that I wish’d I was a Prisoner under you rather than see my family starve.

Thomas was the ‘Lock Up’ keeper at Paterson NSW

Wyatt moved with his family from Middleton Cheney to Leicester about 1840. They appear on the 1841 census living at Eston St. His wife Mary returned to Middleton Cheney to have her last daughter Hannah in 1842.